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Little Birds

Posted on November 24th, 2014

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Whenever I cut large sheets of printmaking paper to A5 size for cards, I end up with offcuts around the edges which aren’t big enough to make a full C6 card.  I decided to use these offcuts to make small cards.   I used a rubber stamp I carved a while ago now (if you’ve […]

Linocut Progressions: Kotuku, White Heron

Posted on October 29th, 2014

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Here’s the second of my latest bird linocuts, featuring one of my favourite birds (and very rare in NZ), the beautiful kotuku, or white heron. This white heron carries a banner which I imagine the giver of the card will write their own message in – “Merry Christmas”, perhaps, or even “I love you”. There […]

Stitched Birds

Posted on March 16th, 2014

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While I’ve been waiting and wondering about potential jobs this week, I’ve added a few new embroidered birds to my collection. #6: Pied Stilt #7: Kea #8: Pukeko I love how the stitching process forces me to get out of my head and focus on a single task.  I lose track of time, I stop […]

In Flight: II

Posted on February 27th, 2014

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I’ve finished the second lino block of my ‘In Flight’ series.  This one features the tui, an iconic endemic New Zealand bird.  Tui are a black bird with a prominent white tuft at their chin and an incredible sheen to their feathers, something that I can’t really show in a black and white print.  I’ll […]

A Bird A Week: Masked Lapwing

Posted on November 11th, 2013

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I’ve just got back from the most relaxing weekend ever – it’s coming up to our first wedding anniversary and my in-laws shouted us a weekend away at a private rainforest retreat (here).  I’ll write a full review at some stage, but right now we have more pressing business: I’d like to tell you about […]