The Search for Balance

It’s all about balance“, magazine articles proclaim.  “Balance is key“, they say.  “You’ve got to find a good work/life balance“, I’ve been told.


I’ve been thinking about this illusive ‘balance’ lately, and wondering if anyone truly has ‘balance’ in their lives.  I feel like we’re all just constantly juggling the various things that are important to us – relationships, family, work, study, hobbies, exercise, diet, sleep, relaxation… and then within each of these areas, there are more juggling acts going on.  I love lots of kinds of art/craft, but I can’t do all the art and craft I like, as there’s not enough time for so many projects.  At work I have a lot of things to do right now, but I can’t do all of it right now.  I’ve come to realise that having ‘balance’ in our lives is more about acceptance: accepting that we can’t have everything, right now.  Accepting that we have choices to make.  Trusting ourselves to make the right choices for ourselves and our loved ones.  To keep ourselves well, these decisions have to balance the things that we have to do with the things we love to do or that help us to unwind.

I’ve been learning a lot this year about what I personally need to do to maintain a sense of equilibrium and sanity in my life.  Working and studying full time has been challenging at times, but I seem to have made it work, though some of my interests have had to slip away for a while – this blog being one of them.  While I’m not particularly happy about this, I have to accept it for what it is and trust myself for choosing wisely.  I’ve been able to cram in some amazing things this year, and in order to do these things as well as keep myself well, I’ve had to let go of the expectation that I would be able to keep posting regularly.  I trusted that I would make it back here one day, and here I am.  I’m looking forward to sharing some of my journey with you.



Now —



Now is where it all begins

Now is where the journey starts

Now is what will be remembered

Some memories fade beyond repair

Cast out to wander the desert forever

Some thoughts remain true and strong

Hurtling you along.

– Kay Neeves




One thought on “The Search for Balance”

  • Jenny Hewitt says:

    November 24, 2016 at 10:16 pm

    I find a settling comment in my mind at the end of a day is “what’s done is done; what’s not done is not done; so let it be”. Many of us do certainly have to rethink our work-life balance, Lou. It’s too easy to get trapped. I love how you get physically active and quietly creative in ‘your’ time. Go girl!

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